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Magazine article Strings

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Samson Airline SYNTH SYSTEM

For reliable fiddling freedom, check out the wireless Airline Synth system from Samson Technologies. No belt pack is necessary: the AG 300 micro-transmitter packs into a thumb-size package a preamp, channel readout, low-battery meter, and mute switch. The "bug" plugs into an output jack at either 40 or 90 degrees with a 1/4-inch gold-plated plug, The AR 300 receiver scans 320 UHF frequencies to find the most reliable channel and syncs the transmitter automatically.

* Amp and mute switch

* 14 hours use on a single AAA battery

* 320-channel. rack-mount receiver

* Automatic channel synch

* Advertised range: 100 feet: actual range may be farther

* $689.99 (MSRP), $499 (street)

Bow-Hold Buddies

For students struggling with the basic bow grip, Bow-Hold Buddies offer another tool in the teacher's arsenal. The violin-viola version comes in two parts: a fishshaped holder for the pinky, and a leaping frog shaped to set fingers and thumb firmly in place. The CelloPhant is - you guessed it - an elephant-shaped guide for the cello bow grip. Both versions add quite a bit of weight to the bow and limit finger flexibility, but if basic placement is a persistent problem, these cheerful aids might just be the answer.

* Washable silicone rubber

* Will not harm the bow

* Fingers touch the bow in the usual places

* $29.95 (MSRP)


Aubert De Luxe BRIDGES

If the soundpost is the "soul" of a stringed instrument, the bridge is its soul mate. …

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