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I pledge myself... the first three words of all five paragraphs that make up the Pledge of our IREM Code of Professional Ethics. These five paragraphs are the foundation of our Code of Professional Ethics. A pledge is a vow; a binding promise or agreement that we all agree to make in our everyday dealings with others.

The legal definition of the word pledge in Webster's New World law Dictionary is: "An item of property given as security for a debt or performance."

As IREM Candidates and Members, when we deal with others, the property we give as security is our reputation.

When we speak of ethics, we generally use or think of the concept as a measure of conduct; the conduct we expect from those we deal with and the conduct that others expect from us in return. Each of us makes our own decision about our conduct in relation to every personal and professional situation we encounter.

Charges of violation of the Code heard and decided by the Board of Ethical Inquiry and the Hearing and Discipline Board in recent years include complaints such as: giving false information about IREM membership, plagiarizing material submitted in a management plan, changing the wording of legal documents without permission, falsifying expenses submitted on an expense report, making false claims about academic accomplishment, accounting of funds outside of contract requirements... you get the picture. …


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