Magazine article Teaching Geography

My Places

Magazine article Teaching Geography

My Places

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In this occasional series Lucy Verasamy looks back at places which have shaped her life.

Which place has special childhood memories?

The counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, where I grew up: the villages, the countryside and the coastline. Some of my earliest memories are of the beaches on the Norfolk coast.

In which place do you feel most at home?

At the moment it's Battersea. I've lived in South London for a number of years. But going back to Norfolk to visit family always feels familiar. Every time I return to England after spending time away it feels like I'm coming home.

In which place have you felt ill at ease/uncomfortable?

In recent years, it's the United States. The questioning and strictness on entering the country and crossing borders is relentless, but has become necessary. Sometimes there seems to be a heavy-handed attitude and it's not the best way to start a holiday.

Also, a few years ago I was travelling along the Pacific Coast of Mexico towards California by bus. Every few miles, the local police would stop and board the bus, question the tourists and search their luggage.

After the terrorist attacks in London in 2005, 1 felt uncomfortable taking the tube and bus. It was a horrible time. For a while, I avoided both if possible, and I think many people felt the same. I read that bike sales soared in the days after.

Which place for you has the tingle factor?

I don't think I can narrow it down to one place. Acapulco, Mexico stands out. It was cool and retro: like going back in time - all very 1 960s and a bit like being in a film. I went to Cuba a couple of years ago, and it was a great adventure. I've recently returned from a ski trip in the French Alps and the scenery was so striking. The snow capped mountains looked amazing against crystal clear blue sky.

Which place gives you most hope about the future? …

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