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Weekend Warrior Bootcamp

Magazine article In These Times

Weekend Warrior Bootcamp

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FOR THE VIGILANT patriot, Blackwater, rebranded as Xe Services, now offers classes in "Home Defense" at their 6,ooo-acre North Carolina and So-acre northwest Illinois training locations.

Xe's training division goes by the name U.S. Training Center. According to the center's website, the "Home Defense" course will make "armed citizen[s] more aware of personal security whether at home or away" as they go about their duty of "protecting self and family members."

On the company website, Tammy G. offered this testimonial, "While I hope I never have to put the skills into practice defending myself or my son, I feel like I now have the tools necessary to do that wisely and safely."

The two-day course, which is limited to 12 participants, has as a prerequisite "basic pistol marksmanship" and costs 5400, not including room and board. Provided for this tee are a holster, a magazine carrier, 100 rounds of Stmunitioii ammunition, safety gear to protect the wearer from head to groin, and a Stmunition pistol - a Clock, Sig Sauer or Beretta, your choice. Further, it is "highly recommended" that students provide their own cover garment "for concealed draw."

Should you choose to enroll in the class, 25 percent of your time would be spent in classroom lectures and 75 percent with "practical instruction." Topics explored include "use of force," "forceon- force scenarios" "away from home considerations," "mindset/indications of mental state," "basic room clearing techniques for the homeowner" and "dealing with police." The course description concludes with this "disclaimer" (in bold): "Local authorities should be consulted on use of Lethal Force and the use of Lethal Force to defend lives and property."

I n these uncertain times, the concerned citizen can't be too careful. According to the company website, "The students will receive classroom instruction and will engage in shoot/no-shoot, force-on -fore e realistic scenarios based on actual events that have occurred where their decision making process will be explored and tested. …

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