Magazine article Tikkun

The Well

Magazine article Tikkun

The Well

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What we climb down into is the echo

of ourselves on the well shaft stairs winding

back up to meet us. But more than that too,

a reckoning that brings us down

through the hard middle of things, my ranting foul

and overblown rebounding off rock walls

in gutturals and growls. And as the world blows up

beyond us, we overhear Citizen Cope

leaking from our girls' headphones,

There's a battle goin'on way down south of Babylon

setting up its own reverberations

climbing to meet us stumbling down the spiral stair

to the pool so clear that at the final turn

we almost step off into the water.


Soldiers no longer soldiers, their camouflage

spread out to dry on bushes and trees,

they lie down in the field, stripped naked

to the sun. Good bones, good bodies,

they look ready to get wrecked,

letting it all hang out in the heart-wound

throbbing late nights in the discotheque.

What wouldn't love do to run mouth and hand

over that tanning, sweating flesh? …

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