Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Bob Krause Speaks in Ames, Iowa

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Bob Krause Speaks in Ames, Iowa

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DEMOCRATIC U.S. Senate candidate Bob Krause of Fairfield, Iowa spoke in Ames on April 17 at a backyard barbecue hosted by John and Betsy Mayfield.

"I think that we need to get out of Afghanistan immediately," Krause said to the applause of some 50 supporters. "I'm a retired military officer, and I have studied this," he explained. "It's not a cut-and-run kind of thing. It's the fact that we are doing more to hurt our national security by being in Afghanistan than we would if we got out.

"The cost to this country last year was $172 billion. That's the size of the proposed phase two stimulus. That's a lot of money that we could be spending here, and our safety as a nation would actually improve if we did that," he maintained.

The former state representative and regional Department of Transportation representative during the Carter administration emphasized economic and education issues during his presentation, but afterward spoke to this reporter about Middle East foreign policy issues.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is fueling hostility in the region and needs to be defused, the candidate said. "The Obama administration is taking some positive steps to realize a solid two-state solution, which is critical to success. I was pleased when Vice President Biden [said] Israel needs to define those boundaries in conjunction with the international community so you do have two sustainable states," Krause added.

Speaking positively about former President Jimmy Carter's role in Middle East peacemaking, he explained, "Jimmy Carter is a man I've admired all my life. …

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