Magazine article Art Education

Letters to the Editor / Creativity

Magazine article Art Education

Letters to the Editor / Creativity

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Dear Dr. Zimmerman,

Thank you for the excellent "Creativity" issue you guest-edited, I started to read the March issue from front to back and am into the fourth article. Usually, I jump around and read just a few articles but found the organization and specific selection of articles a nice building of notions and practices of creativity, Theories introduced are expanded in later articles.

Karen Keifer-Boyd

Professor of Art Education and Affiliate Professor of Women's Studies The Pennsylvania State University

I worked with the topic of creativity during my master's program and even taught a course on creativity designed by my husband, Lanny, at Wichita State. I've been interested in creativity for some time, but as you and others have said the topic dropped from interest to the field in general for a number of years. I'm glad to see it's coming back to the forefront for discussion and research.

Melody Milbrandt

Associate Professor of Art Education, Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design Georgia State University, Atlanta

We tend to forget history when we are in the heat of pursuing a "new" set of buzzwords that someone has put on the table. We all need to go back and review the work that psychologists and art educators were doing in the 1 950s and 1 960s. Creativity and problem solving was a big issue with them. In work that I have published on tracking research trends in art education, creativity was a big area in the 1940s, 1 95Os1 and 1 960s. Before we get too excited that we have discovered something "new," we need to review our past

D. …

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