Magazine article Southwest Art

My World

Magazine article Southwest Art

My World

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Interview by Bonnie Gangelhoff, Photos by Audrey Hall

Describe your studio. I have three, actually. My first studio is built like a guest house. The would-be kitchen is my metal room, the living room is my sculpting room, the bedroom is my patina room, and the bathroom is used for storage. The building is about 300 feet from our house, and it is made of thick adobe. It has large windows on the south and north sides as well as recessed lights and rack lighting. It is my own space with all my treasures and a lot of my sold-out sculptures. It's not messy; I like all things in their place.

My second studio is a barn-like building. It's one large, open room, and that's the "messy studio." I use this space to pour wax in molds for bronze casting. There is wax splattered on the walls and floor. My third studio is an actual barn where I keep my molds. It has high ceilings, and it's made of old, weathered wood. I also have a room for tools. There are paths that connect all three studios. My wife calls it "sculpture city."

How do yonr surroundings influence your work? My wife [gallery owner Patricia Carlisle] and I live about 35 miles south of Santa Fe. We have 20 acres with lots of vacant land around us. There are birds and coyotes. I also have a fish pond. And we have two Great Danes and a cat. You can see five mountain ranges from our land. And everybody knows how great the skies are in New Mexico. We live close to nature, so we get a feel for the trees, the birds, and the cycle of the seasons. It also is quiet and peaceful and very visual. I feel one with my surroundings. I'm sure all this blends into my work.

Where do yon find inspiration? Everywhere. Sometimes I'll be sitting doing nothing or just walking up to the house and. out of the blue, some memory will cross my mind, and I think I can use it in my sculpture. …

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