Kirk Hearts Spock the Rise of Slash Fiction

Article excerpt

Long ago, in the trackless void of pre-lnternet 1974, a lone female Star Trek fan, in search of a new pornography, boldly went where no fan had gone before and penned a short story inspired by fantasies of a homosexual relationship between Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock (without using their names) for a fanzine - and a new galaxy was born.

By the late 'yos, Kirk/Spock writings and other fan fiction written around homosexual pairings between characters in the pop-culture Zeitgeist became known as "slash," for the mark used to identify the hot M/M action: Kirk/Spock, Han/Luke, Starsky/Hutch, etc.

Despite cease-and-desist orders issued on behalf of irked luminaries like George Lucas and author Anne Rice, there was no real legal recourse- no money was changing hands in the "gift economy" of slash fiction. The fever kept spreading to different TV shows and fantasy characters. Skywalkers, vampires, Ponch and Jon from CHiPs- no hot male characters were safe from being hijacked by slashers and fictionally made to manhandle each other - primarily by female fans for the pleasure of other female fans.

Slash quietly germinated in the "fanfic" demimonde throughout the 19805, but with the advent of the Internet, it really hit its fan base. …


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