SIRSI Corp. Partners with LSSI, Ebrary

Article excerpt

SIRSI Corp. has announced a partnership with Library Systems & Services (LSSI) to provide SIRSI libraries and their users with state-of-the-art virtual library reference services. SIRSI also announced that it will become a value-added reseller for ebrary's ebrarian for Libraries database.


SIRSI will integrate LSSI's Virtual Reference Toolkit (VRT) 2.0 software with its iBistro and iLink e-Library solutions for library users and staff. This will provide the capabilities for one-on-one virtual reference sessions and access to related electronic content. As a result, library staff and users will be able to find and interact with the references they need faster and more easily, according to the announcement.

"SIRSI is dedicated first and foremost to delivering solutions that assist libraries in serving their users better than ever before," said Lamar Jackson Jr., SIRSI's director of global alliances. "The integration of LSSI's VRT software with SIRSI's e-- Library products will offer powerful online reference capabilities to the users of our customers' libraries. This is an important next step in the continuing evolution of e-Library technologies, and we are very pleased to be working closely with a respected partner like LSSI to bring these benefits to the market."

"The goal of virtual reference is to provide library users ... with the specific reference help they need when they need it," said Steve Coffman, vice president of product development for LSSI's Reference Division. "By integrating LSSI's virtual reference capabilities into SIRSI's iBistro and iLink solutions, library staff and users will enjoy all the benefits of today's premier virtual reference technology and do so within the powerful SIRSI public interface environment. …


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