Magazine article Sunset

What to Do in the Rockies September

Magazine article Sunset

What to Do in the Rockies September

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Improve soil

After pulling out faded vegetables, sow seeds of alfalfa, annual ryegrass, oats, or winter wheat. In spring, till the cover crop into the soil three to four weeks before planting new crops.

ORNAMENTAL PEPPERS Before frost damages garden plants, dig them up, preserving as many roots as possible. Rinse the soil from the roots and wash any bugs off foliage, then replant indoors in fresh potting mix. Place in a sunny window, and water well to enjoy their black, red, or yellow fruit in the house.

Cover tender flowers and vegetables when temps dip into the 30s.

MULCH To insulate plant roots and conserve moisture, spread organic mulch up to 4 inches thick on beds. Keep it from directly touching the trunks and crowns of plants.

Fall blooms Diascia hybrids detest heat but do well as temperatures cool. Revitalize beds with autumn-hued varieties like Flirtation Orange, Flying Colors Coral, or 'Red Ace'. Cover plants if frost threatens.

SCATTER WINTER-HARDY SEEDS IN PLACE For free color next year, cut back breadseed poppy, clary sage, horned poppy, larkspur, prickly poppy, Queen Anne's lace, red orach, rose campion, Rudbeckia triloba, and verbascum that have finished blooming. …

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