Magazine article Dance Spirit

Eat, Pray, Stretch

Magazine article Dance Spirit

Eat, Pray, Stretch

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Pre-performance rituals

Whether it's eating a certain snack or wearing lucky socks, here's how six performers get psyched before hitting the stage.

1 "Once I have my makeup and hair done and my costume on. I go through the different turn sequences in my routine and do each until they're perfect. Then I tell my mom I love her- I text her if she's not there- and pray Next I do some sit-ups and a fi as fast as possible in my head. I put ». and as I'm walking on I swivel my feet if the floor is sticky or slippery."

- Kaitlyn Conley, JUMP Convention demonstrator

2 Before J go on, I move around to work out any kinks and warm up my muscles. I do about 20 squats to get my blood flowing, and then I get a sip of water. If I'm with a group, we usually do a chant to get pumped and to remind ourselves to be thankful that we get to do waht we love."

-Ellenore Scott, "So Yo Think You Can Dance" Season 6

3 I always wear these old socks from Discount Dance Supply that I've had since I was 11. They look like hot pink pointe shoes and I wear them over ? hoes hile I'm warn "hey" re so ragged now. but I love them have a cup of Chinese herbal tea and pray. Then I'm in a good, spiritual mode before I perform."

-Whitney Jensen. Boston Ballet

4 Right before I go onstage, I have to do something four times. Whether it's clapping my partner's hand four times or hitting my leg four times, it has to happen four times. Four has been my favorite number forever. I was bom on the fourth of the month and have had the number four at auditions more than once. …

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