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Magazine article The Spectator


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Family politics Although elder siblings are often claimed to be natural leaders and second children natural rebels, none of the last seven prime ministers have been eldest siblings.

-David Cameron is third of four children.

-Gordon Brown is middle of three sons.

-Tony Blair has an elder brother and younger sister.

-John Major is younger of two brothers; Margaret Thatcher younger of two sisters.

-Jim Callaghan and Harold Wilson both had elder sisters.

Families on benefit

George Osborne said this week that, from 2013, no family should receive more on benefits than the average family earns. This is expected to hit those living on benefits with large families. This lists out-of-work benefit claimants by family size.

With one child 560,070

With two children 375,800

With three children 174,610

With four children 66,230

With five children 21,080

With six children 6,870

With seven children 2,260

With eight or more children 910

Source: DWP data, provided to The Spectator on request

National equality

Income distribution can be measured by the Gini Index, in which 0 is perfect equality and 100 means all wealth is held by one person. …

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