Looking Ahead: School Psychology Awareness Week 2010

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Each year, students across the nation take part in School Psychology Awareness Week activities in an effort to promote the field of school psychology. These activities serve as a way to celebrate training experiences and further develop rewarding relationships with fellow students, practitioners, schools, and communities. This year, School Psychology Awareness Week will be held during the week of November 8-12 with the theme, Today is a good day to ... SHINE. In hope of building excitement and inspiring ideas for this year's activities, here are some highlights from last year's activities organized by outstanding student leaders.

Last year, participants did an incredible job of promoting the role of school psychologists by helping others better address the challenges encountered at school and home in a positive manner. In collaboration with fellow students, faculty, and practitioners, student leaders organized activities that included distributing NASP resources to schools and communities, creating posters and bulletin boards that outlined advocacy information, presenting the NASP PowerPoint "School Psychology: A Career That Makes A Difference" to undergraduate students, and reaching out to local practitioners in an effort to show appreciation.

The following are a sample of the many successful activities that took place during School Psychology Week 2009. These examples were posted on the School Psychology Awareness Week online Community by student leaders and reflect the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm exhibited by all in promoting this important event and raising awareness of the profession. We appreciate the efforts of all graduate programs that participated in School Psychology Awareness Week 2009.

MIAMI UNIVERSITY Student Leader: Cody Hostutler

Recipient of the 2009-2010 Student Leader School Psychology Awareness Award

At Miami University, graduate students conducted presentations for undergraduates and provided direct follow-up via e-mail with audience members. Information tables with NASP handouts and posters were displayed on campus. With the assistance of peers, a bake sale was organized and each cohort adopted a family and provided them with gifts during the holiday season. In addition, a newsletter article was written to review the successful activities completed during School Psychology Awareness Week.


Recipient of the 2009-2010 Student Leader School Psychology Awareness Award

Graduate students at Illinois State University organized asK Walk/Run fundraising during ISU Family Week to help defray convention travel expenses. During the event, students talked with families and other participants to increase awareness of school psychology. Further supporting outreach efforts, presentations were conducted for high school and undergraduate students. To show appreciation, students delivered thank you notes to local school psychologists and provided gifts of appreciation to faculty.


Student Leaders: Catherine SamuelBarrett and Pricilla Jones

Recipient of the 2009-2010 Student Leader School Psychology Awareness Award

The students at Nova Southeastern University were represented by two student delegates. With the assistance of peers, faculty, and practitioners, graduate students organized a bake sale during which they displayed posters and passed out NASP handouts. Presentations were given to undergraduate students and students attending local community colleges; handouts were also distributed to local schools. Outreach efforts focused on promoting NASP membership and convention attendance. Lastly, graduate students formed a new chapter of the Graduate Association of School Psychology and held their first meeting during school psychology awareness week.

TOWSON UNIVERSITY Student Leader: Jessica Sammons

The graduate students at Towson University focused on community during School Psychology Awareness Week. …


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