Magazine article New Internationalist

At a Glance

Magazine article New Internationalist

At a Glance

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Leader: Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

Economy: GNI per capita $280 (Kenya $770, Italy $35,240).

Monetary unit: Birr. Alain exports: coffee, qat, gold, leather products, live animals. Most people farm for subsistence but the coffee crop is vital to the economy as a source of foreign exchange -though the cultivation of qat (a plant chewed asan amphetaminelike stimulant and banned in some countries) is increasing. Ethiopia is among the countries that have benefited from debt relief under the HIPC Initiative.

People: 80.7 million. Annual population growth rate 2.6%. People per square kilometre 73 (UK 253).

Health: Infant mortality 69 per 1,000 live births (Kenya 81, Italy 3). HIV prevalence rate 2.1%. Lifetime risk of maternal mortality 1 in 27 (Italy 1 in 26,600).

Environment: CO2 emissions per capita 0. …

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