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Gettili' in TUNE

Even you don't plug and play, it's still useful to use a contact mie. The Korg CM 10OL contact microphone, when used in tandem with a trusty tuner (the Korg OT120 orchestral tuner is a refiable unit; $99.99 MSRP). can help keep your intonation on the mark. It's easy to use (with any tuner that includes a W-inch input jack), can be positioned to gei a sensitive reading, and it's affordable. $12.99 (MSRP).


Building on the success of Passione - the quicksettling, new-generation gut strings - Pirastro now offers Passione Solo Violin Strings. True to the advertising, these strings have a striking dynamic range and flexibility, from a whisper to a roar and back again with remarkable smoothness and control. The tone seems a bit more focused and edgier than the earlier version - still rich with overtones, but with a less woody, slightly less warm sound on this tester's violin. Compared with the original Passione strings, this set took a bit longerto break in and to stabilize pitch-wise, though they were still quite good for gutcore strings. But for violinists - or fiddlers - m search of volume, dynamic control, radiant tone, and a bit of an edge, these are definitely worth a try.

Pirasiro Passione features:

Gut core

Medium gauge only

Silver-wound G and D

Aluminum-wound A

$88.55 (street)


Forget about rubber bands. These colorful animal-shaped shoulder pads make practicing more fun - and more comfortable. Artino Magic Pads are mounted with a non-marring, clear sticky pad that adheres directly to the back of the violin or viola, making it easy to place the pad wherever it teels most comfortable. The adhesive is just strong enough to hold the pad in place without slipping. Use a wet cloth to clean and restore the sticky surface.

Artino Magic Pad features:

* No rubber bands or straps

* Stays exactly where you want it

* Should be removed after playing

* Six colorful animal forms plus black discs for a traditional look

* $4. …

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