Magazine article Medical Economics

Practice Management

Magazine article Medical Economics

Practice Management

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Whether to redirect certain patients who show up at the ED

Our pediatric practice is open every night until 10 pm. If an ED physician calls us to evaluate one of our established patients for a nonemergent condition before our office is closed, is there any harm in asking to have the patient sent to our office?

No. Just make sure that you and the ED agree that the patient's condition isn't an emergency

Should a manager's paycheck grow when your practice does?

Over the past year, our internal medicine practice has added a physician and three employees-bringing the number of doctors to four and the number of staffers to twelve. In response, our office manager has asked for a raise because of her increased supervisory responsibilities. Should we grant her request?

It depends. If your manager can still fulfill her responsibilities within the standard workday, tell her that you'll address her request at her next performance review. If she's putting in extra hours, determine whether that's because she needs to delegate more tasks or because her workload has truly increased. If it's the latterand she's making a difference to your group's bottom line-then she deserves a raise.

When an office move upsets your employees

I'm merging my practice with another physician whose office is located across town. Although I've tried to convince my staff that there is potential for attracting more patients-and earning a higher salary-some are unhappy about the change because of the longer commute. A few might quit. Should I offer them incentives to stay?

You could offer a one-time bonus to any who agree to join you. But that may cause hard feelings among the other doctor's employees. And then you'll have two offices that are unhappy. Since the inconvenienced workers are likely to quit anyway, focus your energies on hashing out a compensation package for your newly combined staff that rewards everyone fairly. …

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