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Magazine article The American Conservative


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Regarding your piece on CPAC ("CPACs Social War," March 2011) you take swipes left and right at conservatives you don't like. You conclude by saying "Attacking Ron Paul and his supporters for their fiscal conservatism won't help Gary Bauer or Brent Bozell reconnect with the grassroots right, of course, so they have launched a sly campaign to link libertarianism ... to GOProud's social liberalism."

For the record, 1.) I have never attacked Ron Paul's fiscal conservatism, and 2.) Ron Paul's fiscal conservatism has nothing to do with the decisions groups like mine (Media Research Center, not "Council," as you stated) made to pull out. We pulled out because we don't support the gay-rights movement, and neither should CPAC and neither should you.



Media Research Center

Alexandria, Va.


Paul Craig Roberts ("Potemkin America," March 2011) has done yeoman's work for a long time, fighting offshoring and the hollowing out of our economy. I'm sure he has had the epithet "protectionist" flung at him many times. If those who want to protect our economy are "protectionists," what are those who want to sacrifice it to sophomoric economic theories - "sacrificialists"?

NAFTA-like treaties supposedly make it easier for us to sell our goods in Third World countries; that is the glittering promise. But what such treaties really do is make it easier for goods produced at Third World wage rates to enter this country. Those goods then undercut the price of goods produced here.

If all our consumer goods are produced there, where do we get the money to buy them? Are we supposed to live completely on debt? Are we supposed to build an economy based on taking in one another's laundry?

Offshoring has denuded our industrial landscape. The manufacturing capability our ancestors built up over 200 years of hard work and investment - machinery that once made us the "arsenal of democracy" - was thrown away within a matter of a couple of decades. It was sacrificed to the Moloch of harebrained economic theories and our rulers' and pundits' selfconceit.


Bloomington, Ind.


Thank you to Lew Rockwell for "I Don't Like Ike" (Feb. 2011). He spelled out Ike's duplicity by providing very detailed background leading up to his ultimate hypocrisy. One only had to observe who his Council on Foreign Relations cohorts were, chief among them the Dulles brothers. They make Henry Kissinger look like an amateur: the Iran coup, the lead up to the Bay of Pigs, "Engine Charlie." What's good for General Motors is good for the country . …

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