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Inmate Video Conferencing replaces in person visits with Online Video Conferencing Visitation by using the internet's capability combined with video compression technology and a platform designed specifically for correctional facilities. Visitors can create an account and schedule inmate visitations online through the website without the disruption to the facilities' operation or staff. For more information call 775.348.9999 or visit

Electronic Cabinets

Control and monitor valuable assets using high security, electronically-controlled cabinets. All positions are assigned to one or more users based on pre-determined rules. Control keys are secured in locked cylinders, where they remain unless electronically released afters a users's ID has been authenticated


TouchPay's rugged, all metal proprietary kiosk for the correctional community automates deposits and makes the process more convenient and accessable. The payment process is as easy as using an ATM and my be installed in visitation areas at facility locations including jails and courthouses. For more information call 866.204.1603 or visit

White = Green

Duro-Last® Roofing offers a custom prefabricated single-ply roofing system that is durable, energy-efficient and code compliant. The Duro-Last Cool Zone roofing system has an excellent environmental reputation -from lowering a building's energy consumption to helping facilities obtain LEED credits to reducing the urban heat island. The Cool Zone system is a leading building sustainability product. For more information call 210.340.2825 or visit

Needle-free Injection System

The Pharmajet system delivers liquid medications and vaccines intramuscularly or subcutaneousIy by creating a very narrow, high velocity fluid stream which penetrates the skin and delivers the medicine into the body. Energy to propel the vaccine is supplied by a hand-held spring powered injector. Requiring no external power source, the robust injector ensures a minimum of 20,000 injections; which translates to one injection every five minutes, seven hours a day every working day of the year. For more information call 303.526.4278 or visit

Non-Intrusive Body Imaging Technology

The Iscon Video Imaging"Mini Portal" features state-of-the-art, thermo conducfive scanning technology and produces imges with the simplicity of a semi-automated scanner system. This flexible system completes a whole body scan in under 30 seconds with the capability of identifying contraband such as plastic weapons, pills and powdered substances, tobacco, precious metals, gemstones and other articles of interest without penetrating clothing using infrared technology. For more information call 781.933.4127 or visit

The Future

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) will soon launch the next generation of alcohol interlock technology to both the compliance montoring and automotive markets. The new G-series will feature GPS and GPRS allowing interlock program administrators to acquire data such as test results and vehicle location coordinates in real-time. In addition, the handsets will be completely wireless allowing for faster installation and improved driver convenience. For more information call 407.207.3337


STGi recognizes that maintaining sufficient, highly-trained, and properly placed staff is a persistent challenge in the field of correctional healthcare. …

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