Magazine article Parks & Recreation

The Environment and Recreation Policy

Magazine article Parks & Recreation

The Environment and Recreation Policy

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As Amended by the Environmental Task Force

October 5, 1995


The National Recreation and Park Association recognizes that the quality of human life depends on an ecologically sustainable and aesthetically pleasing physical environment. We recognize also that improved environmental conditions expand the diversity and quality of recreation experiences for all people. We believe that the integrity of our nation's natural and cultural resources is profoundly influenced by population, technology, economy and other forces. We believe that park and recreation sites should and often do represent exemplary models of stewardship and should be managed to inform and to encourage others to act responsibly toward environmental maintenance and reform. We advocate policies and practices which will restore, maintain, improve and sustain the integrity of park and recreation systems to benefit society.

Statement of Policy

It is, therefore, the policy of the Association to provide leadership, by both example and action, in shaping the attitudes and awareness of the membership, elected and appointed officials and the public regarding their historic, cultural and natural environment for the purposes of evoking responsible action and enhancing a sense of stewardship among all people.


In pursuit of this policy, the Association will:

1. Enact, maintain and promote an environmental ethic outlining professional, agency and citizen responsibilities with regard to our historic, cultural and natural environment.

2. Sponsor and encourage training, research and publications which promote the development, understanding and application of sound environmental policies and practices in the art and science of parks and recreation.

3. Advocate the advancement and perpetuation of design, development and management practices which ensure long-term recreation use while maintaining and sustaining the resource's environmental integrity and biodiversity. …

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