Magazine article Herizons

Help Build a Sustainable Future for Herizons

Magazine article Herizons

Help Build a Sustainable Future for Herizons

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See your name in print in each issue of Hertzons when you join the growing community of Herizons Sustaining Subscribers.

Pledge a small amount each month and you will help ensure that the feminist ink continues to flow. Your steady, reliable donation nurtures Herizons and provides this small, non profit organization with stability.

Once you decide to give every month, just choose an amount you're comfortable with. Then register by mailing in a blank cheque marked VOID in the postage-paid envelope in this copy offferizons, showing the monthly amount you've chosen - $5, $10 or a higher amount. You don't have to rip the page out of the magazine to become a sustaining subscriber!

Your contribution will be transferred from your account on the first of each month. Best of all, your Hertzons subscription will never expire as long as you are a Sustaining Subscriber. By reducing the need to print renewal letters, you will also help reduce paper and administrative costs.

Thank you for allowing Herizons to depend on your generous support!

Joanne Abbensetts

Wendy Abendschoen

Bev Agar

Alice Ages

Jackie Alien

Laurie Anderson

Jan Andrews

Arlene Anisman

Wayne Antony

Dianne Archer

Kelly Arndt

Jane Aronson

Diana Aspen

Laura Atkinson

Jennifer Ayer


BT Canada

Madeleine Bachand

Eliz Ball

Bonnie Baker

Colette Balcaen

Joan Bams

Cara Banks

Nancy Barner

Kristine Barr

Heather Barrie

Sally Batstone

Annette Beauvais

Jennifer Beeman

Marilynne Bell

Ellen Bell/Marlene Milne

Anne Bennett

Lynne Bingham

Sallie Bingham

Kimberly Block

Renee Bondy

Pamela Booker/ Dovona West

Nancy Bowes

Susan Boyd

Margaret Boyce

Alissa Brandt

B. Braude

Allison Brewer

MacKenzie Brooks

Laura Brown

Michette Brown

Pearl Brown

Rai Brown

Mary Smirte Bruce

Patricia Brush

Nancy Buchanan

Ruth Bulmer

Wendy Burton

Joanne Bury

Shannon Cameron

Carolyn Campbell

Helen Castonguay

Jade Chambers

Cheryl Champagne

Allison Chapman

Michele Chappas

Joanne Charron

Christine Chevalier

Lynn Cockburn

D. Lee Connell

Valerie Connell

K. Virginia Coleman

Sarah Colquhoun

Ray Comean

Joy Cowell

Ruth-Anne Craig

Joan Crainford

Melody Crane

Ruth Crawford

Rean Cross

Rachel Crowder

Judith Crawley

Inez Curl

Violet Cushon

Alexina Dalgetty

Denise Davies

Jennifer Davis

Joan Dawkins

Angela Day

Sonja De Pauw

Susan Dempsey

Irene Deschenes

Cynthia Devine

Emma Dickson

Margot Diehl

Linda Disbrowe

Linda Doctoroff

Christine Dol

Suzanne Dollheiser

Donna Dorosh

Jean Douglas-Webb

Carolyn Dowell

Kristine Drakich

Catherine Duchaste!

Monique Dumont

Joanna Dunbar

Judith Dunlop

Elizabeth Duff

Nicole Dupuis

Bette Durst

Ann Dyble

Heather Dyment

Ann Eastman

Suzanne Edgar

Wendy EIIiott

Roberta Engel

Annemarie Etsell

Brigitte Evering

Davilyn Eyolfson

Jenny Farkas

Elaine Filax

Gloria Filax

Terre Flower

Sydney Foran

Susan Ford

Jan Forde

Kirn Fordham

Anne Forest

Louise Forsyth

Barbara Freeman

Frances Friesen

Janice Frizell

Joan Frommer

Karen Fry

Web Future

Esther Fyk

Karen Galler

Lee Gauthier

Susan Genge

Jennifer Gibbs

Janine Gibson

Margaret Gillett

Ginny Gonneau

Sarah Gose

Dolores Gosselin

Jean Graham

Sonja Greckol

Fiona Green

Lorraine Gregson

Virginia Grinevitch

Joanne Grout

Janet Grover

Nancy Guberman

Genevieve Guindon

Gio Guzzi

CC Hale-Macart

Judith Hammill

Donna Hansen

Debra Hathaway

Nina K. …

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