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Magazine article Public Finance


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Efficiencies talk is 1970s speak

Why is everyone talking about efficiency reviews and shared services as if they were new ideas? Before moving into a career in international financial consultancy, I worked for seven years in English local government in the 1970s.

At the London Borough of Wandsworth, we carried out value-for-money audits, identifying how to achieve more with a given set of resources. With the increased sophistication of such audits in the intervening 35 years, I would have thought that every last ounce of fat would have been long since removed from the carcass.

I then moved to Kingston upon Thames council where we shared IT facilities with Button. I have also worked in Hampshire where there was a purchasing consortium. These ideas have been used for decades. So I am unsure why anyone should now regard them as possible 'silver bullets' for die current financial problems.


Wiltshire, UK

Make a principle ofnotavoidingtax

The forthcoming National Audit Office review of Revenue & Customs, high-profile alleged tax avoidance cases and Richard Murphy's 'There is an alternative' (Public Finance, October 8, 2010), all raise the question whether we accountants have a conflict of interest on tax. …

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