Recommended Standards for Programs for Gifted and Talented Students in California

Article excerpt

Section 1: Program Design

Districts provide a comprehensive continuum of services and program options responsive to the needs, interests, and abilities of gifted students and based on philosophical, theoretical, and empirical support. [EC 52205d and 52206a]

1.1 The plan for the district program has a written statement of philosophy, goals, and standards appropriate to the needs and abilities of gifted learners.

1.2 The program provides administrative groupings or structures appropriate for gifted education and available to all gifted learners.

1.3 The program is articulated with the general education programs.

Section 2: Identification

The district's identification procedures are equitable, comprehensive, and ongoing. They reflect the district's definition of giftedness and its relationship to current state criteria. [EC Section 52202; Title 5 Regulations, Section 3822]

2.1 The nomination/referral process is ongoing and includes students K-12.

2.2 An Assessment/Identification process is in place to ensure that all potentially gifted students are appropriately assessed for identification as gifted students.

2.3 Multiple service options are available within the gifted education program and between educational programs. Placement is based on the assessed needs of the student and is periodically reviewed.

Section 3: Curriculum and Instruction

Districts develop differentiated curriculum and instructional models and strategies that are aligned with and extend the state academic content standards and curriculum frameworks. The differentiated curriculum is related to theories, models, and practices from the recognized literature in the field. [EC 52206a and 52206b]

3.1 A differentiated curriculum is in place, responsive to the needs, interests, and abilities of gifted students

3.2 The differentiated curriculum for gifted students is supported by appropriate structures and resources.

Section 4: Social and Emotional Development

Districts establish and implement plans to support the social and emotional development of gifted learners to increase responsibility, self-awareness, and other issues of affective development. [EC 52212a-11

4.1 Actions to meet the affective needs of gifted students are ongoing.

4.2 At-risk gifted students are monitored and provided support (e. …


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