Magazine article The Spectator

Film Noir et Blanc

Magazine article The Spectator

Film Noir et Blanc

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Chess has often appeared in prominent films and has, indeed, sometimes itself been the topic of the film.

Examples include Casablanca (Bogart was an enthusiastic chess player), The Seventh Seal, The [original] Thomas Crown Affair, The Luzhin Defence and of course, the opening scene of the second James Bond movie, From Russia with Love.

A new twist to the appearance of chess in film is the performance by the president of the English Chess Federation, TV Egghead CJ de Mooi, as the star of a new short, The Renata Road, to the world premiere of which I was invited last week. CJ, as he is commonly known, evidently has a movie career ahead of him portraying tortured individuals. Anyone considering a celluloid version of a Kafka novel would do well to sign him up for the role of Joseph K. CJ is not just a chess functionary but also packs a mean punch across the board when given the chance.

De Mooi-Solloway; Hove 1997;

French Defence 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 3 Be3 dxe4 White's opening is not optimal against the French Defence. He is, however, trying to transpose into a version of the Blackmar Diemar Gambit.

I f handled incautiously by Black, this gambit grants White undoubted chances due to his open lines on the kingside. …

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