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Google Upgrades Appliance Tool

Magazine article Information Today

Google Upgrades Appliance Tool

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Even as Google cements its dominance in the global search portal market, the company continues to aggressively pursue the intranet and extranet markets with its Google Appliance. In September the company announced enhanced features, improved performance, and a new model of the Google Appliance. Despite the sluggish economy, Dave Piscitello, product manager for the Appliance, says, "The search segment is doing OK in a tough economic environment" and claims the company will seek leadership in a market it estimates will grow to over $600 million in 2003.

One of the enhancements will allow customers to set up high-speed crawling of a subset of their Web space, so that, for instance, internal corporate newsletters or internal "breaking news" servers will be indexed at a high frequency-perhaps even hourly. Hardly noticed in the original Google Appliance announcement last February was a "Keymatch" feature that allows customers to deliver internal premium "advertisements" based on the searches entered by internal users. The rapid-news feature combined with the Keymatch facility allows intranet managers to drive users to editorially chosen and recent content, complementing the spider's ability to locate popular internal pages.

The Google Appliance is now able to crawl and index secure content as well. Search administrators can define which secure servers are to be accessed and indexed. They can also control whether secure content appears in the hit list of a user who has not yet been authenticated for a given server. Both basic ID/PW authentication and the Windows NTLM model are supported. Google did not say whether other authentication schemes, such as Kerberos, would be supported in the future.

Piscitello says that as the Appliance is used by more customers, the company is learning which features provide great value-- with some surprises. For example, one company wanted the global Google's "family filtering" feature even for content within its intranet. Other customers find Google's spelling correction highly useful, especially since suggested corrections are only made if a link to a live URL can be achieved.

The new Appliance model, the GB-5005, is intended to handle up to 3 million documents and to field up to 150 queries per minute. The original products, the GB-1001 and GB-8008, serve departmental and very large deployments, respectively. …

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