Magazine article Chinese Literature Today

Escaping Alone

Magazine article Chinese Literature Today

Escaping Alone

Article excerpt

Without having to look in all directions your

fragrance will float out everywhere If you want

to escape alone an assassin will arrive here

When your body is light and longing for flight there's no need

to cut off the wings of birds

and no need to be right next to love

Old and new games don't need to

be indulged in

Eventually you must depart from a close place

It's only from the closest place that you can look out in the distance

The desire to leave is like water it will evaporate

in the human world A body that's alone

will also evaporate in some moment

What remains is time

the slowness of seeing through rocks

the judo of loneliness

These three in one pass through clouds and break through fog

Wanting to hold hands with you wanting

to become the shield you cannot avoid

. …

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