Magazine article Chinese Literature Today


Magazine article Chinese Literature Today


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even ants are afraid of the dark

even stones suffer from insomnia

even the moonlight is polluted so our shadows are blurry

even the mountaintops grow as if they were brewing fissures

even the Great Tang Dynasty had a great fall

even dumpsters have people living in them

even indulgent idealists can't figure out how to live

even men with sloped shoulders will run away from home

even tigers can be beaten to the ground by Wu Song

even Wu Song can be taken down, punished, locked in a cangue

even the law has loopholes

even evil can find grand excuses

even women with the slightest poise are self-satisfied and smug

even the most beautiful woman is just talking crap

even the bodhisattva Guanyin has grown breasts

even the whore Sai Jinhua was a celebrity

even the doctor got the clap but he kept on working

even the drunk knows the way home he just forgot which door

even birds in May have learned to keep silent

even the living dead can scream out "help! …

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