Magazine article In These Times


Magazine article In These Times


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Provoke me

Say it ain't so.

The vigilantes done took over the printin' press? Forced the editor to give that wacky Tea Party lady the boot? ("Letters," June 2011.)

Not In These Times' finest moment.

Jennifer Stefano is not Dick Armey or Andy Brietbart. She's a grassroots activist expressing tlie suspicion of concentrated power not unlike lhat which motivates many who read and write for In Tiiese Times. Providing her with space challenges the rest of us to come up with ways of bringing into our movement people who should have been with us all along, but aren't yet.

If Stefanos published in In Tiiese Times, she's likely reading the other articles, sharing them with an audience you'd never have had. Not a bad trade if we want to build a movement larger than ourselves.

Lou Nayman

Washington, D.C.

You have a large base of readers who obviously are upset whenever they have to read a differing point of view. When we refuse to listen to what the opposition is saying we should not be surprised when they sweep elections. I enjoyed reading Stefanos rants. They allowed me to research her points so that they could be refuted. Your readers should tune into Fox News from time to time so that they can be ready for the 2012 elections.

John Leverenzzi

Elgin, Ill


Good points. Should Tea Party Provocateur Stefano get another chance to provoke? What do you think? Send us your thoughts.

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