Matthew Bender Announces Bankruptcy, Texas Family Law, and California Criminal Law CD-ROMs

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Matthew Bender & Company, a leading publisher of legal analysis and research information, has announced the release of three products on CD-ROM, the Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide, the Authority Texas Family Law, and the California Criminal Law Authority.

Complete Guide to Consumer Bankruptcy Practice

The Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide provides bankruptcy practitioners with assistance through all phases of a consumer bankruptcy case. This transaction-based practice guide provides detailed discussions and step-by-step analysis of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, from interviewing the client to filing an appeal.

Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide is designed for solo practitioners and small consumer bankruptcy firms. Special features, such as practice notes, planning notes, illustrations, and warnings, appear in text boxes and highlight tactical and strategic information. Additional text boxes provide cross-references to relevant portions of the book that discuss issues in further detail. The Practice Guide covers the following tasks:

Methods and strategies for interviewing the debtor

Counseling the debtor about bankruptcy options

Choosing the type of bankruptcy offering the greatest advantage to the client Agreements for and disclosure of

attorney's fees

Preparing and filing forms, statements, and schedules used in a typical case

Enforcing the automatic and codebtor stay, as well as motions for relief from stay

Claiming and objecting to exemptions

Preparing for the meeting of creditors

The avoiding powers of the trustee and the debtor

Filing and objecting to proofs of claim Obtaining a discharge of the debtor and the dischargeability of particular debts

The essentials of a successful Chapter 13 plan

Reaffirmation of debts

Litigation procedures in bankruptcy cases

Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Forms, a separate one-volume forms product, is cross-referenced to the Practice Guide and organized topically to follow the sequence of tasks performed by bankruptcy practitioners. It is available with the purchase of Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide or as part of the Collier Forms Manual.

Authority Texas Family Law Matthew Bender & Company has created Authority Texas Family Law Interactive Research and Drafting System, a comprehensive CD-ROM research and document assembly tool for family law practitioners in the state of Texas. It enables attorneys to prepare all forms necessary to complete family law matters, research the more complex issues, access related primary source material, and perform the necessary calculations-all from one interactive product.

The completely linked Interactive Research & Drafting System includes the following features:

Texas Family Law Practice and Procedure

Authority Texas Family Law Interactive Drafting System

Dorsaneo and Soules' Texas Rules

Texas Codes and Constitution

The option to include Texas Cases

The new Texas Family Law Practice and Procedure covers everything practitioners need to know about handling a divorce, from initiating dissolution and taking the case to trial, to modifying and enforcing custody and support decrees. …


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