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Magazine article Drug Topics


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Vocational schools? Vote No

"Re: "A call for a moratorium on new pharmacy schools" [Dispensed as Written, June 2011]:

I agree 150% with what Fred Mayer has said about halting the proliferation of pharmacy schools. I have been concerned about the "business of pharmacy schools" and about having our profession downgraded to a "vocational school" level because of the lucrative financial opportunity the practice of pharmacy presents.

How can we get involved? What can we do to lobby against this? I am willing to put my blood, sweat, and tears into this. Medical schools have a governing body that regulates the number of new schools that can be created. I don't see why we don't, as well."

Parmis Khatibi, PharmD


Do the right thing

Re: "We get by with a lotta help from our techs" [JP at Large, July 2011]: I am a pharmacy manager working for 1 of the major chains, I have 2 certified techs.

The wages for a certified tech in my state are about $13,50/hour plus benefits if you work 30 or 35 hours - 30 hours for healthcare and 35 hours for vacation benefits. One of our techs gets insurance from another source and does not need the healthcare; the other needs both, I have offered to take a decrease in my own pay to give the techs more money but my DM says this is NOT allowed.

I try to help the techs out by giving them gift cards for the winter holidays, I also gave them a portion of my annual bonus, since it was mostly based on our full-year customer satisfaction rating of 92% positive.

I suggest that other pharmacists in similar positions try expressing their appreciation for their technicians by giving them similar "perks," I think it is the right thing to do.

Michael Saija, RPh CIP


What's holding up the parade?

It has been my good fortune to be associated with many outstanding technicians in my career, Jim Plagakis is right: We certainly couldn't handle today's workload without our technicians. …

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