Magazine article Stage Directions

Forgetting the Formula

Magazine article Stage Directions

Forgetting the Formula

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Annie Dorsen talks about making whatever you want.

While she is best known to the mainstream as the director of the fantastic rock musical Passing Strange - which chronicled the life and exploits of American musician Stew, particularly the time he spent living in Berlin trying to find himself and his place in the world - Annie Dorsen has also worked on a variety of more experimental shows in the United States and throughout Europe. Her most recent production in America was Hello, Hi There, an unorthodox show between two chatbots - no, we're not kidding - where two laptops, inputted with thousands of lines of random dialogue by Dorsen, created a conversation by randomly linking thoughts that seemed to connect thematically. The resultant "conversations" were occasionally abstract, often hilarious and infrequently stuck in a loop. Either way, it was quite an entertaining and thought-provoking way to sit in front of two projection screens for an hour.

Stage Directions: How are you doing?

Annie Dorsen: I'm significantly more relaxed than I was last weekend. I have to say that this piece has been surprisingly more stressful to run than I expected. I had this idea when I was making it that the running of it was going to be a breeze because in a way there's nothing to do. You press play and it does the thing. But in fact the lack of control is anxiety-producing, so in an emotional way it's been stressful. Now I'm relaxed.

Is it stressful watching the two chat bots get caught in a loop?

Absolutely, because you don't know how long they will loop and what the dramaturgy will turn out to be. And, of course, there's always a fear that something will really go wrong with it and it could theoretically get into a loop that it can't get out of. As a director I'm used to sensing audience movements - where they're really engaged, where they start to lose the track - so sometimes I can feel a shift in the audience temperature and then I don't know if the bots are going to get them back. …

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