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Gus Van Sant vs Gus Van Sant

Magazine article Out

Gus Van Sant vs Gus Van Sant

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After a relatively quiet three-year period, Gus Vant Sant returns this fall, directing the indie romance film, Restless, and executive producing his first foray into television, Boss, whose season premiere he also directed. They're wildly different projects, but coincidentally (or not?) both center on characters dealing with their looming deaths. Which is for you? Let us help you decide, MIKE BERLIN



In the cutthroat world of Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer), sickness is ammo for political opponents. That's why Kane conducts his doctor's appointments for his degenerative brain disease in an abandoned warehouse. Denial and secrecy are the key to his survival.


The graying lifelessness of industrial Chicago lodges the show in its trenches of corruption and cynicism. There is little comfort in the dark, cold marble of City Hall, and its hollowness hints at Kane's impending entombment.


There is no love here - at least, no love free from resentment, duplicity, and hidden agendas. The real desire is for power. And perhaps for a power-hungry, young upstart politician played by Hellcats' Jeff Hephner. …

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