Q & A: Tom Tykwer

Article excerpt

The German director (Run Lola Run, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer) talks about his new film, Three, which follows Hanna and Simon, a couple whose staid relationship is shaken up when they unwittingly have an affair with the same man. M.B.

Are you going through a midlife crisis like the characters inyour film?

I was interested in the whole crisis of aging at any level. At around 30, people expect us to know who we want to spend our lives with, what we want to be working on forthe rest of our lives. The crises are always circling around this feeling that the world is expecting us to define ourselves. But the possibility of reinvention is something that keeps us going.

In the spirit ofreinvention, are you entirely against monogamy?

I understand it as a concept. We have this paradoxical situation where we long to stay with one person for as long as possible. Romance is connected to the idea of eternity, and people fear being abandoned. …


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