Q & A: Sarah Michele Gellar

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To some, Sarah Michelle Gellar will forever be a vampire-slaying valley girl. But the actress's latest project, the C W thriller Ringer, offers Gellar fans not one, but two new characters to get behind: Bridget and Siobhan, a pair of twins with exceptionally entangled lives. P.B.C.

Ringer is packed with plot twists. Does being an actor who works with those kinds of scripts so often ruin thrillers for you?

Maybe for the person next to me. I feel so guilty. My best friend from high school and I went to go see The Sixth Sense, and about midway through I said, "Is he dead?!" It was one of those moments of Oh God, didl just say that out loud? I enjoywatching that sort ofthing, but right now, as a mom, I watch more Sesame Street than anything else. And they have some good plot twists, too. Don't count out Sesame Street.

Didyoufind it challenging playing two characters in the same show? …