Magazine article Montessori Life

The Last Laugh :)

Magazine article Montessori Life

The Last Laugh :)

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I was walking around observing in one of the classrooms during the morning work period. I approached 3V^-yearold Charlotte who was carefully tracing the Sandpaper Numerals. She had just finished the zero when she looked at me and remarked, "This is the zero; it means nothing, but our teacher says we need to know it anyway!" She punctuated her statement with a small shrug and then went back to tracing the other numerals. Such a classic "Montessori moment!"

Stephanie Whalen, Education Director

Park West Montessori School

New York, NY

Overheard in a 6-9 classroom during a rainy day indoor recess, in which two 6-year-olds were building a puzzle of the solar system:

Julia: Ha ha ha ha, look how small Pluto is!

Sam: You know it's not a planet.

Julia: Yes it is.

Sam: No it isn't.

Julia: Yes it is.

Sam: No it isn't.

Julia: Yes it is.

Sam: Ms. Rachael, is Pluto a planet?

Ms. Rachael: Not anymore.

Julia: Space changed its mind?

Marilyn E. Stewart, Head of School

The Red Oaks School

Morristown, NJ

A grandparent of one of my first-grade students reported to me that he had recently spent the night at her house. He got up during the night and as she accompanied him down the hall, he said, "I just burped. Is "burp" a verb or an adverb?" She was quite impressed that her 6-year-old grandson was thinking about grammar at 3 a.m.!

Roberta Williams

Garfield Montessori Magnet School

Decatur, IL

This really happened:

"Armando, go get your ladybug memory stick and we can finish the work we were doing yesterday. …

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