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Toronto 2011: Matthew Goode

Magazine article Screen International

Toronto 2011: Matthew Goode

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Matthew Goode stars in Jonathan Teplitzky's Burning Man, playing a father dealing with tragedy who is struggling to put his life back in order.

Why were you drawn to the script?

If you'd asked me 20 pages into the read if I was going to do it, I'd have said, "Don't think so. It's quite out there." And then obviously because of the fractured narrative, you know, once the penny starts to drop you're like, "Oh my God! That's why he's behaving in such an erratic, extraordinary way." It was a real challenge. They don't pop up all the time. And then you've got to go do it.

How did you prepare for the role?

There's a certain amount of power of the imagination. I haven't had to go through anything like that, thankfully, and hopefully never do myself. You can sense the grief anyway, but it was such a strong script and having a great director to take you through it was a huge help.

Was it difficult to film knowing that some of the story was based on Jonathan Teplitzky's own experiences?

I didn't really ever talk to him about it too much. He was very open, he would have been happy to; I just didn't feel the need to, really. But, I was worried that we'd be sitting there and he'd say, "No, no mate. …

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