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Magazine article In These Times


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Empowering epiphany

As I despair at the lack of any significant change during the last three years, "Working on a Dream" (September 2011) offers a wonderfully empowering concept. Find a banner, make a contract and unite in a common cause: the survival of democracy and the very nature of life on this planet is at stake.

Wanda Erenni

Rebuilding the American scam

Reading Leonard Goodman's commentary about President Obama's servitude to capital ("Wall Street Pulls Obama's Strings," September 2011) alongside Aaron Krager s interview of Van Jones' progressive dreams of outdoing the Tea Party ("Working on a Dream") made me a little suspicious that Jones' rhetoric is just a new version of Obama's promises for change, if not another setup for Obama Scam 2.

If Jones is so determined to "give the American people a coherent alternative - the America we thought we were voting for in 2008," why is he not simply channeling his formidable energy and rhetorical strength (an Obama trait) to the task Goodman plainly suggested needs to be worked on: an alternative to Obama and the Democratic Party? Less rhetorical flourish and more plain language would be a little more convincing to "rebuild the American dream."

Anthony Vera

Howard Beach, N.Y.

A profitable stereotype

Drug Tests Target the Poor" (September 2011) makes no mention of the fact that Gov. Rick Scott's wife controls a company that operates many drug-testing labs in Florida, yet Scott has not withdrawn his (wife's) companies from those that can benefit from the new mandatory testing law. In other words, it is perfectly legal for this politician to profit from the poor while strengthening the unfounded stereotype that the poor use drugs more than others. …

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