Magazine article Screen International

MIPCOM Keynotes: Lang, Reilly, Sarandos Stress Risk and Innovation as Keys to Success

Magazine article Screen International

MIPCOM Keynotes: Lang, Reilly, Sarandos Stress Risk and Innovation as Keys to Success

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Miramax CEO Mike Lang, Fox Broadcasting Company's president of entertainment Kevin Reilly and Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos have been talking innovation amid fragmentation at this year's MIPCOM.

Miramax CEO Mike Lang has brought his company a long way since its relaunch over a year ago.

The company has continued to distribute and invest in production but Lang has shown determination to embrace the digital potential of his company's infamous 700-film Miramax library.

"We believed in the power of the library," Lang told a packed auditorium during his MIPCOM keynote in Cannes. Going forward, digital distribution will be increasingly important for the storied company. "In a way I'd like to believe our company is a bit more Silicon Valley than Hollywood," he said.

The company has long-term deals with Hulu and Netflix, as well as launching a Miramax-eXperience branded app, which lets people watch films across Facebook, iPad and Google TV. "We believe that cross-platform is key to growing the digital transactions business," said Lang.

Miramax is also considering its own Miramax Network cable network, and talking to potential partners around the world.

"We believe that all these different platforms can be complementary and co-exist together," he added. "We think everything starts with the consumer. They're not focused on windows or on what schedule they can watch something or on which device."

Lang discussed his expansion strategy going forward: "We're starting to build the building blocks that ultimately could be more than the library itself."

He also expressed the view that piracy wasn't the most pressing issue for Miramax: "Piracy really is not the bigger issue for our company or for our library. It's been lack of exploitation, just not getting it out there. Most consumers at some point in their life don't want to pirate. The way to then react to that is to offer legitimate, great service for them to access it. We're going to see a lot more demand because of that. Our driver is more market-based versus piracy."

Price-points are also a major concern: "There has to be some serious discussions about pricing. Currently the DVD business is probably priced too high," Lang said. "You're going to have to be more aggressive, especially for library product."

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos also spoke during the same MIPCOM keynote, shedding light on the importance of TV series to Netflix and why the company is pursuing its own original content: "50% and sometimes 60% of viewing is TV episodes now" on the streaming service, he said. He cited Mad Men and Breaking Bad as particularly popular on Netflix.

"That can be mis-perceived as Netflix giving up on movies, which it's not. It's just consumers saying what they want,"

"The economics of these very highly serialised TV shows are very challenged," he said. …

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