Magazine article Sunset

What to Do in the Rockies October

Magazine article Sunset

What to Do in the Rockies October

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Scatter wildflowers

Sow perennial blue flax (Unum perenne) this month to enjoy next May. Rough up the soil with a rake before sprinkling seeds. After sowing, smooth with the back of the rake, then water well.


If yours didn't bloom last spring, they may be planted too deeply or in too much shade. To raise or move them, dig up the fleshy root. Then dig a new hole and set in the plant, making sure the crown is only about V2inch beneath the soil. Mix the backfill with a bucket of compost before filling in.

SHOWY PERENNIAL Plant Amsonia hubrichtii now so its roots develop through the winter. It reaches 2 to 3 feet tall and wide, has leaves that turn yellow each fall, and is covered with blue flowers that attract butterflies in summer.

Fill and set out bird feeders and rinse and refill birdsbaths daily.

CHOOSE HEALTHY BULBS Don't buy any that are shriveled, rotted, or have soft spots. Store bulbs in a cool, dark place until plantingtime.

VERTICAL GARDENING Find creative solutions for side yards, skinny beds, and urban plots in Garden UpI (Cool Springs Press, 2010; $20) by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet. …

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