Magazine article Sunset

Dr. Jaws

Magazine article Sunset

Dr. Jaws

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Salvador Jorgensen of the Monterey Bay Aquarium tags, tracks, and studies the Pacific's fiercest predator. What's it like to be the shark guy?

WHY GREAT WHITE SHARKS? Everybody loves sharks.

LOVES? ISN'T EVERYBODY AFRAID OF them? Okay, they love to be afraid of sharks.

WHEN DID YOU GET FASCINATED? When I was 9, my family moved to Mozambique, on the Indian Ocean. I compiled a report on the sharks of Mozambique and presented it to my parents.

HOW DID THAT GO OVER? My mother forbade me from entering the water.

YOU TAG GREAT WHITES. EASY? It's like fly-fishing. But the fly we use is an imitation elephant seal - 5 or 6 feet of outdoor carpeting with stuffing. We play out the line, the shark sees the seal silhouette, we reel the line to the boat, the shark follows, we apply the electronic tag with a tagging pole.

WHAT'S A CALIFORNIA GREAT WHITE5S life like ? A lot are born off of Southern California - Santa Monica Bay is a nursery. …

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