Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

Making Connections: School Psychology Week 2011

Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

Making Connections: School Psychology Week 2011

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Each November, students, faculty, and practitioners connect during School Psychology Awareness Week (SPAW) to promote school psychology and NASP's goal to help students achieve their best in school, at home, and in life. This year, SPAW 2011 will take place from November I4th-i8th with the theme: "Every Link Matters. Make the Connection." I encourage you to help support SPAW through developing and organizing activities in your educational community. As a first step, this article provides concrete examples of successful activities NASP Student Leaders have created and planned during previous SPAWs.

SPAW 2010 and Successful Activities

Last year's theme ("Today is a good day to ... SHINE!") focused a shining light on the positive work school psychologists do to promote students' academic and personal success. There were many great SPAW 2010 activities that reflected this theme while bringing together students, faculty, and practitioners to increase the public's awareness of the field of school psychology and NASP.

The following are examples from SPAW 2010. These activities reflect a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, hard work, and excitement about supporting children and school psychology. We thank these student leaders for all their excellent work during SPAW 2010!


Student Leader: Amanda L. Lotycz

Recipient of the 2010-2011 Student Leader School Psychology Awareness Award

At Miami University, graduate students participated in a flash mob to create awareness for the field of school psychology and postedavideo of it onYouTube (http://www They also held an evening presentation to inform the student body about school psychology, set up manned information tables in the psychology building, sent thank you letters to local school psychologists, held two "Awareness"bake sales, and wrote and published an article in the school newspaper. In addition, they organized a benefit concert with three bands. The proceeds from the concert benefited the Miami University Student Affiliates of School Psychology (Miami SASP).


Student Leader: Sarah Fefer

Recipient of the 2010-2011 Student Leader School Psychology Awareness Award

At the University of South Florida, graduate students encouraged students and faculty to contact state and national representatives to raise awareness about school psychology, gave presentations to several undergraduate classes, and participated in the "Great American Teach-In" to spread the word about school psychology. They also presented to local charities about the role of school psychology in healthcare and student advocacy, placed information about school psychology in high-traffic areas on campus, gave out SHINE bookmarks at practicum sites, created a SPAW newsletter, and held a surprise appreciation breakfast for school psychology faculty with a PowerPoint presentation showing messages of appreciation for the faculty.


Student Leader: Donna Berghauser

Recipient of the 2010-2011 Student Leader School Psychology Advocacy Award

At Nova Southeastern University, graduate students held a SPAW Kick-off Picnic for graduate and undergraduate students, and set up an informational booth in the psychology building while selling pizza to attract students. They also held an "NCLB: No Chocolate Left Behind" bake sale, gave a presentation about collaboration between school and clinical psychologists to a group of school and clinical psychology graduate students, and presented information about a career in school psychology to undergraduate and high school students. Lastly, they participated in a poster session as a means of sharing the impact that cyberbullying has on the functioning of children and how school psychologists can intervene to limit the negative consequences.


Student Leader: Katie Hartigan

At Bowling Green State University, graduate students presented "School Psychology: A Career That Makes a Difference" to four groups of undergraduate students, advertised forthe presentations with SHINE and homemade posters, and gave out SHINE bookmarks. …

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