Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

School Psychology Forum Preview

Magazine article National Association of School Psychologists. Communique

School Psychology Forum Preview

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The Summer 2011 issue of School Psychology Forum is available for download at http://www.nasp aspx. There are three excellent articles in this general issue covering topics such as social justice, professional knowledge of Blueprint III, and first grade Tier 1 reading interventions. Also available are interviews with authors and other supplementary materials for research-to-practice use. I would also welcome comments on our new cover design and article layout (or any aspect of the journal) at school

As the editor of the NASP online journal, I would like to recommend that members read articles on their computer rather than print them. The obvious reasons are that not printing saves paper, printer ink, and storage of printed articles. But also print size, color, and contrast can be adjusted for those of us whose close vision is not what it was and who need a bit of help. Adobe readers also allow for highlighting, markups, and several others reader tools. Then reader comments can easily be saved for future reference. Reduce waste, reduce eye fatigue, and improve information flow.

"School Psychologists' Perspectives on Social Justice" by David Shriberg, Martha Ellen Wynne, Alissa Briggs, Gina Bartucci, and Angela C. Lombardo

This study provides the results of national survey of members (N = 214) the National Association of School chologists (NASP) regarding how might define, prioritize, and apply justice. Results obtained were with previous definitions of social tice, but in terms of priorities and cations, several new or expanded were offered. For example, rated promoting best practices in psychology, conducting culturally fair sessments, and advocating for the rights children and families as the most actions practitioners can take to social justice. In addition, significant age differences were evident, as younger spondents appeared to be both more to report exposure to social justice cepts and also less willing to take sonal risks to pursue social justice than older respondents. These and salient findings are discussed, with ommended next steps for practice research provided.

"School Psychology's Blueprint III: A Survey of Knowledge, Use, and Competence" by Amity Noltemeyer and Courtney L. McLaughlin

School Psychology: A Blueprint for Training and Practice III (Blueprint III; Ysseldyke et al, 2006) was designed to guide the training and practice of school psychology and stimulate professional discussion regarding the future of the field. …

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