Magazine article Academe

I Want to Be a Member of a Faculty Union Because . .

Magazine article Academe

I Want to Be a Member of a Faculty Union Because . .

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1. The faculty must be organized to advocate for its professional values, principles, and responsibilities, including its support for student rights.

2. The community would benefit from much wider and more organized faculty participation in campus life.

3. A faculty union can forge effective alliances between faculty members and other employee groups on campus and in the community.

4. The teaching profession deserves true faculty representation, where all faculty members-full- and part-time alike-are represented by a body that is obligated to consult fully, to take direction from its constituents, and to report to everyone about all its deliberations, findings, and recommendations.

5. A union composed of dedicated citizen-scholars will guarantee the basic human rights of everyone in the campus community- students, faculty, and staff. Indeed, collective bargaining itself is a human right for all employees.

6. True shared governance requires that the faculty reassert its historical defining role in deciding and carrying out the mission of the university.

7. The faculty must have a central role in guaranteeing and allocating research support, library services, release time, and student fellowships.

8. In tight financial times, the faculty must have more-not less-say over how limited resources are allocated and more power to make certain that teaching and research get adequate funding.

9. The faculty must have primary authority over the curriculum, admission and graduation requirements, and the evaluation of students, long-established principles that continue to be undermined in new ways.

10. The faculty must have a central role in faculty hiring, and it must establish and safeguard the criteria for promotion and tenure.

11. A union contract is the only practical way substantially to improve the working conditions of most contingent faculty members. …

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