Magazine article Working Mother

Private-Eye Mom

Magazine article Working Mother

Private-Eye Mom

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Early riser

no surprise, i work odd hours. on the days my husband, José, works, i might have to drop off our baby, adrian, at my parents' at 3 a.m.- then drive for hours to get to the site of a sting i'm assigned to. it can be hard to get into a family routine when your work hours are so irregular. my husband is totally supportive, and my parents are on board, though they still wish i'd get a 9-to-5 job.

On the job

most of my work is done out in the field. i might go undercover to catch a cheating husband or chase a guy charged with sexual assault all the way to cancún. occasionally i'm in the office with my nine pi colleagues; five of us are moms. my husband, a cable tech, works a four-day week, so he's off thursday through Saturday to take care of our son. in a pinch, i can ask the other pi moms to help watch adrian, since our schedules vary and they're all goo-goo about babies.

Family time

most of the time José and i are both home by 7 p.m. whoever gets back first cooks something simple, healthy and fast for dinner. i sometimes make peruvian meat and potatoes or a chicken caesar salad, and José likes to grill fish on the george Foreman. we all sit at the table, our son in a baby chair, and he plays with little toys while we eat. i try not to bring my cases home with me so i can focus on my family and not obsess about the guy i lost track of in a chase that day. …

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