Magazine article Working Mother

Slacker Management

Magazine article Working Mother

Slacker Management

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If your employee continuously clocks in at 10 a.m. instead of the set start time of 9:30, take notes on her tardiness. Describing the behavior factually can help you clarify what she's doing wrong. Be sure to consult your company's rules to see if the behavior goes against policy.


Ignoring the issue might cause it to escalate, so schedule a sit-down discussion with your employee. Explain the impact her unacceptable behavior has on the team -her lateness creates pressure for colleagues to pitch in, resulting in added animosity and stress. Set clear expectations you can both agree on.


Ask how she'll prevent a recurrence of the problem in the future. If she needs some guidance, brainstorm suggestions. If the unacceptable behavior continues, consult HR about disciplinary measures.

Source: Marla Rosner, principal of Instillleadership management consulting firm in San Rafael, CA

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