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Now. Hear. This

Magazine article Drug Topics

Now. Hear. This

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I wonder what it says about the state of retail pharmacy that I can say something like "the usual problems" and everyone reading this will know exactly what I mean. Visions of different levels of insurance hell will dance through your heads. Memories of angry customers, corporate short-staffing, long hours, and no respect will rise up out of nowhere and leer at you like Halloween ghouls.

Almost everyone reading this knows exactly what Fm talking about, I won't even mention gift cards,

As I sit down to type this on a Sunday night, though, I am coming off a weekend that was even worse than usual.

It started with an incident involving a screaming man, some narcotics, and a question of how many of the latter the former was going to get. It went downhill from there. Over the next 2 days I was absolutely pulled through the pharmacy wringer, and I'll admit that by the time I was done I was starting to wonder whether maybe it really was me. Maybe I wasn't up to the profession. Maybe something was dreadfully wrong.

Then I saw the video.

Video rescue

Posted on one of my favorite pharmacy blogs, the video was a montage of a variety of things that can go wrong with pharmacy customer service, coupled with a happy, feel-good commercial from one of the major pharmacy chains. It was funny, but it wasn't the humor that made me feel better.

Oddly enough, it was watching the screaming customers that lifted my spirits.

This video would be pretty disturbing stuff to a member of the general public, but watching a man shout "THIS MEDICATION DOESN'T DO #<§>*%!&#*! FOR ME!!!" at the top of his lungs would probably be only mildly surprising to those of us who work behind the counter.

I watched it again and was reminded of the number of e-mails that have rolled in since I've started writing about pharmacy - the ones saying something to the effect of "I thought I was the only one,"

Bottom line

You're not the only one. …

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