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'The End of Social'

When you take the friction out of sharing, you also remove the value. Much as I'm tempted to talk about Facebook privacy, I'm going to resist. Plenty has been written about Facebook and privacy, Facebook and "forced" sharing, Facebook and sharing by default, Facebook this and Facebook that. And I'm sure much more will be written about it.

Tim O'Reilly has been supportive of Facebook. The company has frequently been clumsy, but it's also been willing to push the limits of privacy in ways that might be potentially creative and in ways that might potentially create more value for us than we give up.

But none of the many reactions to Facebook get to the core of the problem, which isn't privacy at all. The real problem becomes visible when you look at it from the other direction. What effect does massive sharing have on the recipients? ...

-Posted by Mike Loukides at on Dec. 5, 2011.

The Social Media Opportunity and Libraries'

I like this list ["10 Historical Events Affected by Social Media"; http://] since it inspires me to think about ways to use social media to help libraries.

It's sadly laughable that there are those who think that e-books will kill libraries-we've always been about reading and survived the transition from scrolls to books and will adapt to this change as well.

It's also just shallow thinking that an information and knowledge based economy wouldn't require information professionals with deep understanding of metadata and information architecture and research behaviours. …

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