Magazine article Sunset

January Your Rockies Guide

Magazine article Sunset

January Your Rockies Guide

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[white square] Spray dormant oil on shrubs and trees to kill eggs and larvae of overwintering insects.

[white square] Water whenever it hasn't snowed in two to three weeks.

[white square] Prune apple trees while dormant to prevent the spread of fireblight.

[white square] Replenish mulch in areas made bare by strong winds or foraging birds and animals.

[white square] Use soil to cover the rootball of any plant pushed out of the ground by frost heaving.

[white square] Rinse birdbaths once a day and refi U with fresh water; clean once a week using bleach and soap.

[white square] Check stored bulbs at least once a month and sprinkle water on those that have dried out.

[white square] Following directions that come with the bulb, start amaryllis now for Valentine's Day color.

[white square] Begin a garden journal to keep track of precipitation totals, insect and disease problems, and what you plant where.




Now's the time to get them in shape for spring gardening - and help them last longer. Always store tools in a dry place, protected from rain.

1 I Clean shovels, garden forks, and trowels: Fill a 15-gallon bucket with sand mixed with ? …

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