Magazine article Sunset

The Great Swap

Magazine article Sunset

The Great Swap

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Planning this year's garden? Choose edibles in place of the usual suspects BY JULIE CHAI

INSTEAD of a common perennial with showy leaves


how t? grow Start bare-root plants in late winter or early spring; in zones 10 and li, plant in fall as a cool-season annual. Plants reach 3 feet tall. (When harvesting eat only the stalks; leaves are POiSOnOUS.) BEST IN SUNSET CLIMATE ZONES A1-A3 AND 1-11 BUT MAY DO WELL IN 14-24

instead of an evergreen groundcover

PLANT strawberries for berries from spring into fall.

how to grow In mild climates, start from bare-root plants in late winter or early spring, or from plants in late summer or fall for a spring crop. In colder regions, grow from bare roots or plants in early spring. Space i8 inches apart, in rows that are 2 to 21Ii feet apart. ALL ZONES

INSTEAD of annual frontof-border foliage

PLANT LOOSE-LEAF LETTUCE for just-picked salads.

HOW TO GROW In mild-winter/ cool-summer regions, sow in early spring and again in late summer or early fall. In cold-winter areas, start seeds after frost has passed in spring; in mild-winter/hotsummer climates, sow in fall and winter. ALLZONES

instead of a familiar semievergreen shrub

PLANT BLUEBERRIES to add to muffins and smoothies from spring into summer.

how TO grow In mild-winter areas, start from bare roots in winter or from plants in fall; where winters are cold, start plants in early spring. Different types range in height from IV2 to 8 feet tall. ZONES A2, A3, 1-9, 14-24

instead of a flowering deciduous vine

plant kiwi for fruit plates and salads in summer and fall. …

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