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Pinnacle Suite from Global Scholar

Magazine article Internet@Schools

Pinnacle Suite from Global Scholar

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Company: GlobalScholar, 1100 112th Ave. NE, Suite 100 South Bldg., Bellevue, WA 98004, (877) 239-1150, www.globalscholar .com/Pro duct s/ Pinn

Price: The Pinnacle Suite is designedin a modular form so that school districts can scale their purchases to their needs. The Pinnacle Suite is offered at $2-$4 per student, per module.

Audience: The Pinnacle Suite is designed for a K- 12 environment and used to enhance the educational professionals' knowledge of a student s progress.

Format: The Pinnacle Suite combines many online assessment tools to make student evaluation quick and comprehensive. Some modules work to help with teacher evaluation as well.

System Requirements: The district must have up-to-date networked systems to take advantage of the Pinnacle Suite and all its software.

Description: Pinnacle Suite takes a holistic view of student achievement by supplying tools that generate assessment results and clear ways to analyze students' needs. Using state and national standards, teachers are shown which needs match with the standards and where additional instruction is required.

Reviewer Comments:

Installation: The company does the setup working with the district, and the system can be continually upgraded. As for the classroom, the teacher logs in with one username and password to access any of the modules. Installation Rating: A

Content/Features: The complete Pinnacle Suite includes eight modules that cover a range of needs in any school. Its a total management system. Schools or districts can select from the modules and implement only the ones they need. All modules run together seamlessly.

The first one is Student Information System, a single resource for health, transportation, discipline, and scheduling. Second is Pinnacle Grade, a gradebook that provides a comprehensive look at student progress. Results of each evaluation are tied to standards. Student progress is displayed, or needs for further instruction are shown. This allows classroom teachers, parents, and specialists to see a students needs and immediately proceed to assist with instruction. Pinnacle Instruction links educators to content- neutral platforms with district- approved curricula for increasing student understanding. This might include learning plans, resources, and activities.

Pinnacle Insight shows the user complex data in visual graphics and makes potential problem areas apparent. …

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